Our Tutors

Paul Bough

I have gained my experience over the past 30 years’ in the hospitality trade, having cooked internationally, in stately homes and taught in cookery schools, and you may well have caught me on the cookery stages around the midlands. I’m now a ZWILLING’s chef, responsible for demonstrations and training alongside teaching at cookery schools.

I have an infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of food preparation and cooking techniques to get the best flavour from your ingredients. I am the go-to man to teach practical knife skills advice and tips on how to get the very best results and what to buy.

Felice Tocchini

I started cooking for a living at the age of six! My job was to make the coffee in my parents’ village bar in Italy. I loved every minute of it and the seed was sown. I trained at the Martini Catering College in Italy and honed my skills working in the kitchens of Italy’s top hotels and ski resorts. Once qualified, I moved to England and joined Royal Shakespeare Theatre Restaurants in Stratford upon Avon as a commis chef. In 1988, I was appointed head chef at the Seymour House Hotel, where I worked for fifteen years. I now own Feli’s, an award-winning restaurant in Worcestershire, which I run with my family. I  specialise in using fresh, local produce to create delicious food with an Italian twist. I also teach at the Novelli Academy, owned by Jean Christophe Novelli, and have  appeared on numerous TV programmes including The One Show, Countryfile and The Gadget Show. 

Anita Sharma-James

Born in India, I am an inspirational Indian cook, speaker, writer and health advocate. I enjoy sharing the cultural history and culinary experiences of my heritage, together with my scientific knowledge of the health benefits of Indian herbs and spices, in a creative, fun way. I strongly believe that enjoyable food experiences can be powerful and life changing, leading to improvements in health, wellbeing, and happiness.   I started my own business in 2007, having previously worked for ten years as a medical research scientist. At the heart of my work is a belief in teaching transferrable Indian culinary skills which can be used across all types of cookery. I offer fabulous cookery demonstrations/lessons, educational talks, cookery team building days, training events, wine tasting and high-end catering with the aim of inspiring people to try new skills and techniques in the kitchen. I am a published author, having published A Life of Spice in 2011, an Indian cookbook of my mother’s best recipes, which also recounts the cultural and culinary story of my parents’ journey from pre-independence India to the UK.

Robert Swift

I am a fifth generation craft baker my family has been baking since the mid 1800’s and we can now boast the introduction of my eldest and 6th generation to the business. I have been involved in the bakery since the day I was born being taken round on delivery vans before I could crawl, so I think you can safely say it is well and truly in the blood.
Over the years I have had many opportunities to work with French Italian Austrian and Swiss bakers where i have been able to share my own individual skills as well as learn a great deal in turn.
I have also been very fortunate to have had a book published entitled born and bread which sold out its print run and plans are now in place to follow this up with a second one out later in 2018, a little to exposure has also come my way featuring  on Britain’s best bakery, the hairy bikers and , put your money where your mouth is, and recently our bakery was part of the Victorian bakers programme on bbc2
I have run courses of my own for 9 years and frequently demo around the country at various food shows and festivals, I had the very privileged honour of holding a demo/workshop that included the prince of wales and duchess of Cornwall who by the way also has a copy of the book.
My aim is to help people understand bread and show them just what a unique and wonderful product it is, bread is not just for making sandwiches.

Keith Turrell

I spent 14 years as a chef gaining experience across a variety of cuisines. I’ve worked in Asian restaurants such as Budokan in Bristol and The Rising Sun in Poole; modern French/British restaurants like The Glasshouse and The Marwood in Worcester; and I also had  stage at Noma in Copenhagen.
Outside of professional kitchens I have also spent time working in a wholesale fishmongers and a local butcher shop.  Which increased my knowledge in ‘nose to tail’ eating which has developed into a passion of mine.  My main employment is to deliver formal training to chefs using both 1 to 1 and group sessions, focussing on core skills as well as subjects such as game, offal and vegetable protein.

Our Courses

We have cookery courses for many different cuisines